Common Land Committee

2019-2020 Chair - Nancy Carter

Mission Statement

The Common Land Committee ensures the proper maintenance, upkeep, and general repair of Port Anne commonly owned land. This land encompasses much of the land between William Way and the City property abutting South Henry Street, ravines, all the shoreline, land separating rows of homes, access strips between paved streets and ravines, streetlight system, guardrails, parking area timbers, brick entrance walls, brick entrance paving, storm water outflow grates and underground drainage distribution, outflows, irrigation system, clubhouse parking lot, and all landscaping. Landscaping includes trees, shrubbery, flowers and ground cover.

Homeowners wishing to modify any part of the common land should fill out the request form which can be found HERE. Submit the completed form to the Chair of the Common Land Committee or the Community Property Manager to have your request added to the agenda of the next Common Land Committee meeting.

The current version of the Port Anne Common Area Guide was approved 27 October 2009 and is included with the association documents received at the time of home purchase.


What is a Watershed? by Virginia Cooperative Extension

Virginia Invasive Plant List from Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

Perennial Plants That Keep Deer Away From Your Garden by P. Allen Smith

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